ZEE GmbH (Zero Emission Energy)

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Heat generators, which produce and burn synthesis gas from renewable cellulosic feedstocks: straw of the cereals, miscanthus, switchgrass and divers agricultural wastes, as well as from wood.

ZEE GmbH (Zero Emission Energy)
Riegeler Str. 14
79364 Malterdingen

Phone: +380 67 4075155
Fax: +380 44 3550405
Internet: www.zeroemissionenergy.de

Products and Services

Straw of the cereals, miscanthus, sorghum, switchgrass, stalks of sunflower and maize, as also from other agricultural wastes and wood.

The eco-friendly [without over-limit contents and emissions of harmful substances] heat from combustion of synthesis gas can be used for: 1) drying of grain and other agricultural products, as well as wood, peat, mud from reservoirs and treatment facilities; 2) heating and/or cooling for animal and vegetable complexes (greenhouses); living, industrial and warehouse facilities; schools, kindergartens, hospitals, hotels; 3) production of process steam; 4) electricity production, etc..

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