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Lechler precision nozzles ensure achievement of the maximum effect with the least possible effort – for higher yields at lower costs and the best possible environmental protection.

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Lechler precision nozzles ensure achievement of the maximum effect with the least possible effort – for higher yields at lower costs and the best possible environmental protection.

Modern plant protection is more than the use of environmentally friendly sprays. Above all, it is a question of precision. Lechler is the leading supplier of using less liquid volume through nozzle technology. Our nozzles allow exact dosing and uniform coverage and avoid losses due to drifting, beading or evaporation. Every nozzle contains not only the experience of more than 140 years of nozzle development, but also the know-how of leading scientists.

Our most successful drift reduction nozzle are ID, IDK, IDTA and IDKT. fertilizing the most popular nozzle are FD, as well as 5S hose drop.

The whole range of Lechler nozzles is made in Germany.
And our representatives all over the world ensure that Lechler products are available wherever needed.

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Products and services

With drift-reducing Lechler nozzles you are on the safe side: you can cultivate areas more efficiently, protect border structures and waters and relieve the environment.

Liquid fertilizers can be easily applied with specially adapted technology from Lechler. Nozzles FD, the Dropleg and 5S hoses ensure an exact, uniform and precise distribution of the liquid fertilizer. Your economic success in the use of liquid fertilizers can thus be improved and secured.

Modern crop protection is more than just the use of environmentally friendly compounds. Above all, it is a question of precision. In viticulture, orchard and speciality crops very special requirements are placed on nozzles and reliable coverage must be guaranteed – even with larger distances to the target surface.

By Lechler you will find everything you need:

  • for high-speed application of pesticides IDTA and ID
  • for trailed sprayers - IDKT and IDK
  • for liquid fertilizer FD nozzles and 5S hoses
  • for orchard TR80 and IDK90
IDTA – Asymmetrical twin flat spray air-injector nozzles

IDTA – is a basic nozzle for application of soil and herbicides, fungicides and insecticides in regions with high temperature, low humidity and strong winds. Designed specifically for application at high speeds of 12-24 km/h. This type of nozzles allows to qualitatively process surfaces with active substances of contact type of action when quality of a covering is of great importance. The optimum pressure is 3,5-7,5 bar.

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ID3 – Air-Injector flat spray nozzles

ID3 - a long air injector flat spray nozzle with the maximum drift reduction. It is used for optimal application deep into the stem at high operating speeds. And also - this is the only nozzle with which you can work in the worst weather.
The optimum pressure is 3.5-7.5 bar.

Long nozzles are more flexible to use and more windproof.

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FD - Liquid fertilizer nozzles

The special nozzle for liquid fertilizers FD provides not only uniform application of fertilizers on width of capture, but also gentle action on plants thanks to a horizontal torch of a spray and very big drops.

There are no streaks from burns and uneven nutrition on the treated areas.

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